The Futures Fund is a workforce development program designed with the mission to create digital, literary, visual, and performing arts-based entrepreneurial opportunities for middle to high school aged youth. It provides students with training in the arts under the guidance of paid professionals and volunteers with industry-specific expertise. Our Saturday training programs are research-driven, and based on best practices to prepare creative-minded youth for revenue-generating opportunities in their selected arts discipline. In this second year of operation, we continue to offer two of the four disciplines – digital and visual arts.

Our hope is that this program helps your child learn new skills, build confidence in his or her artistic abilities – either in computer science or photography – and hear directly from entrepreneurs that can help inform your child’s future goals. Even more, this new knowledge, skills and experience can help position your child for internship and job opportunities in the ever-growing arts and engineering community here in Baton Rouge!

The Futures Fund will equip students with digital and visual art and entrepreneurial skills during the eight-week course. Active participation will result in students' ability to articulate the importance of coding or photography, while empowering them to apply these skills in the business world. Students will also engage with business professionals before and after class instruction to develop the 21st century workforce skills necessary to compete in today's business world.

This direct introduction to revenue-generating opportunities is what sets The Futures Fund apart from other programs. Our students have been hired to take photos at events, community members have purchased their photographs, and the City of Baton Rouge has selected coding interns for the summer.

Digital Arts Program

The Futures Fund digital arts program is teaching coding in order to put middle and high school students on the path to college and a career in technology. Every Saturday The Futures Fund provides free opportunities for young adults to learn the necessary skills to be the next generation of digital designers, mobile developers, and software engineers. Under the guidance of paid professionals and software engineer volunteers, students are expected to attend all sessions for the instruction is offered in a lock step manner over the course of the program. After completing our coding program, youth are directed to opportunities that demonstrate mastery of their digital arts discipline.

Visual Arts Program

The Futures Fund visual arts program teaches photography to high school students on the path to college and/or a career in the visual arts. The Futures Fund provides free Saturday instruction by paid professionals and volunteers for young adults to learn the necessary skills to become a professional photographer. After completing each level of the program, youth are directed to internships and paid opportunities in the creative elds to demonstrate mastery of their discipline.

Literary Arts Program

Coming Soon!

Performing Arts Program

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